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Creating the life you desire is closer than you think.  In this Solo episode, Emily shares the Quantum CODE to get you activating new thoughts, behaviors, and deep-rooted beliefs with the use of the Quantum 5D method (that has only been shared with her intimate inner circle until now) to offer you a simple yet profound way to shift your vibration to create more desired results in your life & business.  

This is not ‘fluff’ it’s Quantum Physics and a way to do life differently to reclaim your power and gain forward momentum! 

If you want to download the accompanying 5D worksheets, you can click HERE

To book a complimentary 15 min session to review the 5D method with Emily and learn about our current offerings (our website can’t even keep up with us! :), click HERE.

Plug into this powerful work: The options we mentioned in this episode are as follows: 


  1. Bespoke Activation Session: Consider this your Q2 planning session to support you in aiming in the *right* direction for optimal success. Regardless of what you’re doing, you’re always aiming at something, and that something dictates your results. So if you didn’t like your Q1 results or you simply want to improve them, you need to shift your aim. It’s like a striker in soccer shooting the ball and completely missing the net. It’s not the ball’s fault it didn’t hit the net; it’s where the shooter was aiming. So this session is perfect for supporting you in *aiming* in the right direction to achieve the results you want in your business. It’s the predictability that I know you crave. It’s perfect for you if you want to avoid missing your shots.


You can access your Q2 Energetic Audit and Forecast for $888 (60-90 min session includes a Q2 planning spreadsheet for accurate predictability). Book your session now if you want to ensure your aim is accurate to achieve the desired results. 


  1. ELE- Founders Club: Consider this your ongoing support to ensure you know where you’re aiming to achieve your desired results and how to sustain them. You and I both know that learning a new skill takes time to master. This is what the Founders Club is all about. It’s about defining where you want to go and embodying the energy necessary to achieve it. It’s like the striker in soccer. They know they want to hit the net, but it takes practice to hit it accurately. It takes a coach or mentor to point out where their aim is off. I do that with you inside this calibrated group of founders.


If you want to ensure you’re integrating what you desire for sustainable long-term business success and growth, join us inside the Embodied Leadership Experience. You have an opportunity to join us for 6 or 12 months. You’ll also receive immediate access to all the courses and monthly themes in the portal. This is a program that will support you from ALL angles. Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Energetic! 


  1. Concierge Energetics Coaching: This is for the action-taker that’s mastered the strategic side of the business and experiences the results to show for it but knows how they lead is paramount in building a high-performing team, creating more of an impact and generating more sales. So this is perfect for you if you’re ready to shift who you need to be as a leader to experience new heights of success. If you don’t do this work, it’s like asking your iPhone to operate like your Mac Book Pro. The Mac Book Pro has FAR more capacity than the iPhone. Your energetic operating system is the same way, it requires upgrading to achieve better results. So consider this your identity upgrade by working intimately with me 1:1. 
      • Book a call to make sure this is a good fit HERE


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Pizza Obsessed, Truth seeker, CHRONIC OVERACHIEVER, Family & beach LOVER. 

Hi, I'm Emily.
I like to keep it real & share the good stuff.

+ I’m a mama to two girls, Kahaya and Ayla.
+ I eloped with my husband Andre after 6 months of dating. Good news, it worked out!
+ My family splits our time between Portugal, San Diego, and Mexico, with a LOT of travel in between.
+ I’m the founder of Sundari Swim
+ I’m also an Energetics Advisor at my company Aligned Energetics (check out the link in bio to learn more)
+ I’m passionate about my family, working with entrepreneurs, and EMBODIED LEADERS in any profession
+ I'm not afraid to admit that I like the finer things in life which include luxe travel, a good blow-out, that perfect-fitting pair of jeans, and a long spa but I equally love the simple moments and can rough it like the best of em
+ I love providing my advice or any tips I’ve found on motherhood or wellness or even fashion. On top of my two businesses
+ My work FUELS me. I don’t need a vacation because my life & biz IS the vacation.
+ I’m in love with the community I’ve built which allows me to show up with ALL of me. 
I can be a goofball AND talk about neuroscience. 
I can be a fashion blogger AND read energy. 
I can throw a dance party AND take them through the most groundbreaking breathwork experience…. And so much more. 
I’ve built a business that encourages personal expansion where wealth is the byproduct of authentic, embodied leadership. 

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Become Aware & Gain an Understanding of your baseline patterns

Build consciousness around any blocks and restrictive patterns that are hindering the flow of your energy system and specific steps to unlock new levels of harmony & clarity.


Energetic Business Analysis & Recalibration

Your work is an energetic expression of you therefore, your business must be set up to reflect your unique energetic properties. By doing an energetic analysis of your business systems, programs, offerings, sales processes, marketing funnels, partnerships & contributors we can see what is clearly in alignment with your financial intentions and what needs tweaking to increase the flow of abundance. 

Step 3: 

Energetic Implementation

Course Corrections are necessary to realign your business to reflect your financial intentions.  By understanding your unique energetic framework and having a clear vision of where you want to go, we are able to clearly understand what constitutes as a negative or positive choice therefore allowing you to become confident in your decisions and actions. 
I guide you during our sessions to shift the energy to remove barriers, adjust patterns, and feel more power & harmony.  


Here’s the process to support you in creating sustainable & aligned success.

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Your unique energy makes you, YOU!  Now let's apply that to be productive in all you do. 

Emily K Thomas