I'm Emily.

An Energetic Advisor, Podcaster. Blogger and Educator, and I’m so glad you’re here.

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Hello, my friend!

I'm on a mission to help you remember
your soul's calling.

At my heart’s center, I’m a girl who loves the deep soul work of energetics and helping people to live an aligned life, especially creative entrepreneurs. And what an aligned life looks like for me is doing the work and enjoying a fulfilled life that comes with it.

My site is a place to browse my lifestyle, including what I’m wearing and loving, to read my advice on the blog (some that will change your life, some that’s just for fun!), and to learn more about working with me (that’s where aligned energetics come into play!). I’m a mama first, a partner, a soulpreneur, a podcaster/ lifestyle blogger, and energetic advisor- and I’m so happy you’re visiting!

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My 'why'...

+ I  believe in people. I live for the moment when I help people recognize their truth, understand their gifts/unique energetic framework and watch how their life transforms when they apply their gift in their life/business. I love teaching people how to shift their vibration states to attract more of what they want in their lives. 

+ I love to create new ways of doing business vs. the old rules and ingrained patterns to support people in up-leveling their life and their businesses energetically. When you do things differently, you create new results and I help people understand what constitutes a negative or positive choice based on their unique energetic framework. 

+ This work will shift your life’s operating system from operating from the level of ego and mind to operating from your new level of self awareness.

+ I love guiding others back to themselves. I went through a journey to discover my authentic self after. I left a multiple 6-figure corporate role to live a more authentic life and I want to share that story with the world to empower other women who may feel the same.

It’s time to realign with who you are in order to create the success you imagined for yourself & your business. 

If you feel a disconnect with your business or you feel as though your actions are forced, book a meet and greet call below.

Together we will see if any, energetic leaks, and patterns are blocking your financial flow and harmony.

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