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10 Questions to Measure if You Are in Energetic Alignment

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What really is ALIGNMENT? What first comes to mind for you when you hear that? For me, alignment means discovering the essence of my being and connecting to my truth & values daily and taking actions accordingly by which I live. 

See, I’ve built my life and my business because I know the importance of Energetic Alignment in all areas of my life. I know this BECAUSE I’ve lived it and experienced what can happen when you pay attention to your energy and shift your vibrational frequency through action. I’ve also witnessed the opposite as well.  However, let’s look at how the dictionary defines Alignment, shall we? 

“arrangement in a straight line or in correct relative positions”.  

Some questions to ask yourself to measure if you are in energetic alignment: 

  1. Do things feel forced right now?
  2. Am I feeling energized or depleted throughout my day?
  3. On a scale from 1-10 how loud is my intuition at the moment? 
  4. Do I feel confident in my decisions? 
  5. Am I leading with conviction?
  6. When I encounter a problem, do I go about it with ease or stress?
  7. Am I operating on the offence or defense in life right now?
  8. Am I clear on my vision and my goals? 
  9. On a scale from 1-10 can I truly FEEL my goals and vision coming to fruition?
  10. Am I truly happy?

Interested in learning more? Click HERE to visit the Aligned Energetics page & book a free consult wiith Emily

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Hi, I'm Emily.
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+ I’m a mama to two girls, Kahaya and Ayla.
+ I eloped with my husband Andre after 6 months of dating. Good news, it worked out!
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